Peace Is A State Of Mind: How To Bring Peace In Your Life In 7 Easy Steps

By Rochi | Motivation

May 26

Why do we need peace, anyways?

When life seems overwhelming with pouring troubles and anxiety, all we want is to stay peaceful. But we aren’t. We panic. We let ourselves loose.

Here, I give you the mistake you’re most probably ending up doing:

Peace isn’t something that you find, like most people say. Peace is something you walk and live every single day.

There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

Peace isn’t in the woods or somewhere far away, it’s in you. It is in the middle of all the noise, problems and stress. I will give you 7 hacks to attain it:

1. Trust.. Yourself 

You know more than you think. Stop scolding yourself. Sometimes, you forget that the best place to ask help is at the end of your own arm.

Failure leads you to doubting yourself. You tend to forget that your setbacks, your mistakes and your failures do not define you. How many times have you held yourself back because you thought you wouldn’t be able to make it?

trust yourself

When you don’t trust yourself, your body stirs up and down from peace. When you know what you’re worth, half of the storm inside you is settled calm.

Put your whole trust in yourself. Yes, you have failed sometimes. Everyone has. Don’t judge yourself by your mistakes.

Remind yourself of your accomplishments. It isn’t bad as you think. You are the best person to rely on.

If you don’t trust yourself, who will?

2. Your thoughts are not you

When you let your thoughts rule you, you distance yourself from peace.

The mind thinks 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day. If you pay attention to your thoughts, you will realize that most of them are useless crap that you filled, things that are unimportant or negativity.

Unnecessary thoughts are how bad vibes enter you and disturb your inner peace. Don’t let your thoughts ruin your happiness.


Treat each thought as a butterfly. Let them come, let them sit on you for sometime and let them fly away. Don’t hold on to them.

Every time you try to catch the butterfly, you trap yourself in a net of unhappiness.

Just think of how much of the energy you can save if you don’t waste your time thinking things that don’t matter. Your life could be so much more calm and peaceful. Resist the temptation of over analyzing thoughts.

You are much more than the endless exhaustion of your thoughts. Think less, live more.

3. Expect the unexpected

Imagine that you prepared for an examination as hard as you could. You studied day and night and did your best in the subject. You are confident enough to top it this time.

But you fail, miserably. The question paper turned out to be extremely hard. All your hard work goes to waste.

What is your first reaction?

“Why does this always happen to me? I studied my ass off for this and all I get is, this!”

Now, go a little back and think: if you would’ve thought the negative, the unexpected, would you be disappointed now?

Expecting things lets our peaceful state of mind on a broken cliff. If you expect the unexpected from the starting, you’d be much less frustrated in the end.

Expect it to go wrong. Expect it not to be so thrilling and exciting. Expect it not to be so pleasurable. Expect failure. Expect mistakes. If it turns out fine, you’ll be happier. If it doesn’t, well, that’s what you thought it’d be.

The glass is not half empty, it’s not half full. The glass is already broken.

4. Don’t run back (or ahead)

You are in the middle of an important work. You are supposed to be submitting this by tonight. And you know, if you don’t fully concentrate, you’ll never be able to finish it.

But your mind thinks something else. It thinks of an unkind word a stranger said to you this morning. Or it thinks what might have happened if you had slapped that stranger right there.

In short, it thinks of the past or the future. It thinks of the things it cannot change.

Eckhart Tolle, the author of Power of Now says that thinking about the past or future restricts your mind from finding inner peace. 

When was the last time you noticed little details, something unnoticed? You probably could do it ever day if you would just pay attention to what is happening right now.

Notice how the utensils clink as you clean them, notice how the speck of bubble sticks to you when you bath, notice how the leaves of a tree move with the wind, notice what you do unconsciously.

You are stuck in a movie that you find reality. It’s time you leave the show.

5. Accept things as they are

You unknowingly try to control things that are beyond your control. People, circumstances, politics and your boss.

When you stop thinking about the things you cannot control, you push away a mountain of anxiety and make room for peace.

All of your friends are free after a long time, but it’s a bad weather to go outside. In this situation, instead of lingering onto your bad luck, you could just accept that it’s not the right time to hang out.

Lingering yourself to things that are beyond your horizon of reach is just a waste of your time and energy.

Worrying how things will turn out, worrying what others will think of you are the things that you have no authority over. So why even bother thinking about it?

Stop fussing over how it was supposed to be. Accept things as they are.

6. Look outside the window

The solution is getting out of the box. The building box.

Spending 24*7 into the cemented walls is not that a good idea. Take time out to spend in nature. That’s where you come from. That’s where peace comes from.

Being outside for just 20 minutes could boost your vitality levels like no other. 

Exposure to nature makes you enlightened with peace and heightens your well-being. Staying out energizes you and let your body and mind feel peaceful.

look outside

We get so busy in our trapped-up lives, that we forget to even look outside the window. We have forgotten how the trees move, how the leaves fall and how the flowers bloom.

Presence of nature is presence of peace.

It could be something as simple as taking a walk or biking. The sights of nature will not only inspire you of the bigger things in life, but fill in you a peace that you’ll never find anywhere else.

Love not the man less, but the nature more.

7. A smile goes a long way

Recently, I accidentally stepped on the foot of a young lady in the crowd. She started screaming weird things at me even when she knew I did not do it purposely.

She kept shouting long enough for all the people around to look at me. I was turning red in fury and humiliation. It was not like I wanted to thump her foot. Well, by now, I really wanted to.

What did I do, then?

I smiled at her and apologized again.

Coincidentally, she collided through me again at another popular spot. This time, she smiled at me and apologized for behaving so rudely for a minute thing.

Yes, I forced that smile. I faked it. But it made me feel calm and relaxed. And, it made her feel the same way too.


An average adult smiles just seven times a day. Just stretching your lips wide could work wonders.

It reduces stress by chemically working on you, and also boosts your inner peace.

So smile, while you still have teeth.

How did this article help you to feel peaceful? What else can be added in the list? You can share your thoughts in the comments.

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