Aug 04

4 Myths About Not Giving A F*ck

By Rochi | Philosophy

We all admire people who don’t give a fuck. “Look at Adam. He cheated on his wife by sleeping with our boss’ girlfriend. Man, that dude doesn’t give a fuck.” And social media constantly reminds you too, right? Don’t care about your grades. Don’t care about having a social life. Don’t care about your health. […]

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Apr 03

5 Scientifically Uncommon Ways To Be Happy

By Rochi | Self Improvement

Relationships, fulfilling work, exercising, gratitude- all these are some of the common things that contribute to your happiness. But sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. There are some tiny unnoticeable things we do that spark joy – without us even noticing it. These things are the granola to your breakfast parfaits and garlic to […]

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