Oct 06

How To Be Mindful And Cultivate Self-Control

By Rochi | Self Improvement

47% of the time you’re thinking about something else than what you’re doing. Mind-wandering is common. And sometimes, pleasing too. But concentrating on what you’re doing will always make you more happier. Even if you daydream about something pleasant. Mindfulness just doesn’t make you happier, it helps improve your memory, increase your concentration and even […]

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Sep 29

Does MORE Choices Actually Liberate You?

By Rochi | Psychology

There’s nothing like the freedom of choice. Nothing so bittersweet. Actually, more bitter than it is sweet. With the coming of the updated 21st century market, there are too many choices for even the most routine products:40 different types of toothpastes, 360 different types of shampoo and 275 choices of cereal. It’s no more about […]

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