Oct 27

3 Theories On How You Can Stay Motivated

By Rochi | Motivation

Unmotivated employees cost companies $300billion each year. How many times have you set well-planned goals and followed them for days until you finally lost the motivation and sprung back to the start? All of us have been there. The puzzle of motivation has webbed everyone. The struggle to stay motivated is real. These fluctuations are […]

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Oct 13

4 Instances When Ignorance Isn’t Blissful

By Rochi | Philosophy

There is a pleasure in not-knowing. A hidden beauty resides in the unknown. But what about those known unknowns? All of you have encountered many life experiences where ignorance made you feel stupid, embarrassed or sad. Yes, you should’ve paid attention to your health before becoming obese. You shouldn’t have ignored chapters you knew you […]

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