Oct 13

4 Instances When Ignorance Isn’t Blissful

By Rochi | Philosophy

There is a pleasure in not-knowing. A hidden beauty resides in the unknown. But what about those known unknowns? All of you have encountered many life experiences where ignorance made you feel stupid, embarrassed or sad. Yes, you should’ve paid attention to your health before becoming obese. You shouldn’t have ignored chapters you knew you […]

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Oct 06

How To Be Mindful And Cultivate Self-Control

By Rochi | Self Improvement

47% of the time you’re thinking about something else than what you’re doing. Mind-wandering is common. And sometimes, pleasing too. But concentrating on what you’re doing will always make you more happier. Even if you daydream about something pleasant. Mindfulness just doesn’t make you happier, it helps improve your memory, increase your concentration and even […]

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