4 Myths About Not Giving A F*ck

By Rochi | Philosophy

Aug 04

We all admire people who don’t give a fuck.

“Look at Adam. He cheated on his wife by sleeping with our boss’ girlfriend. Man, that dude doesn’t give a fuck.”

And social media constantly reminds you too, right? Don’t care about your grades. Don’t care about having a social life. Don’t care about your health. Don’t care about flushing your shit out of public toilets.

Make memes out of it and laugh.

As much as I adore not giving a fuck, the new trends have attached certain myths to it.

Sure, don’t give a fuck about what other people say. Don’t give a fuck that the receptionist had a bad day and took it out on you. Show a middle finger to your coworker who wouldn’t stop complaining about you.

But hey, give a fuck when your relationships are sliding down the treadmill because you’re an asshole. Give a fuck when you’ve not exercised in weeks and are gaining grams by minutes.

In this article, I’m going to clear out certain misconceptions about this hyped approach to life:

1. You Shouldn’t Give A Fuck About Anything

I have often seen people making jokes out of how they have absolutely zero friends, how their couch is “the one” for them, how they’re disturbing their minds and how they forgot to wipe their assess after they took a shit.

I’m all in for laughing at yourself. It’s a healthy sense of humor.

But, if you laugh at how much your life sucks and you don’t do anything about it, you’re just a lazy potato. 

It’s important to care for your health, if anyone didn’t tell you that already. And it’s a dark sense of humor that allows you to not have friends, family, or a social life.

I’ve seen my friends laughing at how they never get shit done, how they cannot wake up early and how night owls scroll Instagram all night, and how much of “uncool” I am to not relate to them.

If that sounds familiar to you, go ahead and be uncool. Be unsexy. Care for yourself. Try your best to maintain a life full of purpose and meaning.

But don’t give a fuck if you fail. Laugh at how you were unsuccessful. Get up and start hustling again.

Do you see the difference?

2. Don’t Give A Fuck About What People Say

Me and my friends went to a restaurant for lunch. Soon enough, this gang starts singing loudly, hurling abuses at the speed of light and having a “good time.”

When I asked them to keep it down, I was told “Girl, don’t give a fuck about what other people think.”

Would you say the same to the shithole who’s ruining your weekend lunch?

Giving a fuck is your responsibility if what you do is harming other people.

I bet you’ve heard this a million times. Quit your job. Pack your bag and travel the world with no money. Cheat on your partner. Don’t give a fuck about what people think.

Your mother has been yelling at you to get up from that sofa and go for a walk. But don’t give a fuck about your health. Your friends kept telling you how alcohol addiction is harming you. But don’t give a fuck about what your peers say.

And then five years later, an obese alcoholic is crying in his therapy sessions about how no one ever gave a fuck.

If someone who cares about you says you’re doing something wrong, give it a thought. They care for you. More often than not, it’s for your own good.

3. Not Giving A Fuck = Being Indifferent

How many times have you pretended to “not give a fuck” in a relationship?

I’m guilty of it myself.

Trying to act all cool, like you don’t give a tiny rat’s ass whether the other person is okay. But, you know, secretly peeping into their social media and their friend’s to see what they’re up to.

People also show this “I don’t give a fuck” when something disappointing happens to them. Instead of accepting that they’re hurt, their ego tells them “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we pretend like this isn’t painful, at all? Others will admire as us strong people.”

And so you mask your tears using Snapchat filters.

Acting indifferent is almost always considered equivalent to not giving a fuck. But actually indifferent people are the ones who give the most fucks about everything.

When I acted like I don’t give a fuck about this relationship, it didn’t last long. And I was the one crying because I didn’t make enough efforts. I actually gave the most fucks about it.

It feels like you’ve been holding your breath but you’re refusing to let it go. You want to accept and exhale, but you pretend it’s all cool and balloon up your face.

Because what if I’m not cool enough? What if I seem like the guy who “cares too much” if I fight for what I believe in?

If you watch something wrong happening in front of your eyes and you don’t give a fuck about it, you’re not cool. You’re just a coward who isn’t courageous to stand up for what he believes in.

When you don’t give a fuck, you stand up for anything wrong happening to you and face the adversity of your choices and decisions without giving a fuck about what people say.

Now, that, is admirable.

4. When You Don’t Give A Fuck, You Don’t Have Any Problems In Life

The ones above acting indifferent are believed to have their life sorted out. If they have any problem, they have the ability to show up their finger.

Bust this myth right out the window. No one’s life is absent of problems. Especially those, who pretend they don’t have any problems.

And the truly “not give a fuck” people don’t actually pray for no problems. They know that problems are the things that keep life and interesting, motivated and meaningful.

They pray for better problems. Fuckworthy problems.

Not giving a fuck is often synonyms with confidence and success. But while that attitude helps, it doesn’t ensure absence of difficulties.

Don’t pray that you don’t get any problems at all. Pray that you get good problems. Problems that deserve your fucks.

What are the problems you’d pray for? What are the problems you’d show a middle finger to? Tell me in the comment section below!

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