How To Develop Your Creativity To See Things Differently

By Rochi | Motivation

Nov 03

It’s time to be creative.

All of you have longed to see things in a different manner, to solve things in a different manner. There are some people who just “get it”.

However, there is a misconception about creative people, that they are born with it. Wrong. Creativity is something that is developed overtime by using it again and again. Nobody got it in built.

Creativity works in different ways in different situations. But broadly speaking, all it’s really about is finding new and unique way of solving problems and approaching circumstances.

It is mysterious how much one’s life can change if one is highly creative. But it surely does improve. When somebody sees things from a creative mind, their perspective surely differs from the rest. And when one’s perspective changes about life, everything changes. Perspective is everything, after all.

A creative person always views things as how they can be as compared to how they actually are. They think of what it could be instead of what it already is. They connect different things which the mass never thinks could be overlapped. It just isn’t something that pops up to them, it is their way of life.

If you think that creativity is limited to artists, musicians or writers, you are absolutely wrong. Creativity is never restricted. If you want to be creative, follow the following simple steps :

1. Keep a journal of your ideas

The benefits of keeping a journal extends to even creativity. Brainstorming your ideas right when they jump in your head is a good idea. Trying to remember them for later is really not.

If you see something that could give you an opportunity to be creative, write it down right away. Don’t wait for you to forget it. You think you will remember it, but you won’t.

And even if you do, your ideas will be blurred by memory. You won’t remember what exactly did you think or thought to create.

Writing ideas doesn’t take any time at all. Just keep a journal where you put in all your ideas. No matter how stupid or irrelevant do you think it’s now, just write it in the journal. When you review it, you can still develop on the ideas which you found useless at the time. It will also let ideas flow and improve your divergent and convergent thinking.

Keeping a journal not only helps you develop on ideas later but to help you remember them. The bulb of your mind lights up at unexpected moments for you to quickly capture it in your mind. But if you write it down, you already have them stored.

And as you begin to maintain a streak for jotting down your ideas on paper, you will be able to think more clearly. This is because keeping a journal is associated with creativity itself. Research has shown that journal unlocks creativity among everyone.

So if you are a writer, paper the idea of your next poem as soon as it clicks you. If you are a painter, form a rough figure of the next canvas just when you see something beautiful. Don’t wait for tomorrow to never come.

2. Pose new questions

The most brilliant learners never stop asking questions. Creative is not someone who thinks they know everything, but someone who knows that they don’t.

Nobody know it all, after all. Become curious than you ever before. Keep your ears open to anything that interests you. Think of it upside down, left side, right side and ask. Ask a lot of questions. Ask as much as you can, because when you ask, you understand and thus improve your knowledge.

You should surely be self confident, but, thinking you know everything isn’t what confidence is. Confidence is having the courage to question as much as you like. Too many times we shy out with the fear of being annoying or fear of what others will say. Stop giving a bullshit about that.

And asking questions won’t really piss the one you ask to. If you vividly ask someone about their life, they’ll think you genuinely care about them which is pleasing to know. If you ask a teacher several questions on the topic, she’ll surely appreciate that you actually are listening and are interested in the subject.

Life is not about knowing but about asking. When you make an effort to ask something, you have unknowingly already made the effort of thinking about the topic and making your mind want more of it’s knowledge.

Understanding what, why, when, how of everything can open your mind to new ideas and greater intelligence. Nobody ever got smart by keeping quiet and questioning.

Studies have shown that asking questions boosts our thought process. And we only create when we think. The bonus is that it is one of the easiest ways to learn. Excelling learners, thinkers, businessmen, recruiters ask tons of questions. So, why not you? Don’t let the shyness hold you back.

It is only when you question that you get the answer.

3. Have creative hobbies

Sitting in the couch in front of the television all day is not all that creative. It’s just all that fattening; both your body and your mind.

Research has proved that having creative hobbies can make you excel in typically everything you do. When you have something innovative as a thing you love to do, it surely spills into other areas of your life. It helps you become more focused and energetic at your job and accelerate your performance.

But the most important is finding time for these hobbies. Remember when you were a little kid and you loved to sketch or write or knit or play musical instruments? It’s all dust now; to your sketch book, to your writing book, to your half knitted clothes, to your violin and to your mind.

I know it is hard to pursue time for your innate hobbies in the fast running world. Getting a day off from work, you just want to relax. But you fail to realize that you will relax more by doing something you love than to sit and get fat.

Engaging in creative hobbies helps you more to create and to relax as well. Kids are more creative than adults because they are not afraid to expose their creative hobbies. They don’t fear to be fail and to be bad at the thing they love to do.

So, do what you like, even though others may criticize or you may suck at it. It doesn’t matter as long as you love to do it. When you invest in creative hobbies, it will change your look of life.

If you currently don’t find any habit that interests you and is creative, learn something new. Learning always expands your mind. Learn a new language, join a new gym class, start to do yoga, learn how to publish your article in the local paper and stick to it for at least a month. Figure out if you like to do it or not after that.

You will enjoy more than you think you’ll be bored. So don’t waste your free time, learn something new, develop on your creative hobbies.

4. Read, a lot

There is a reason the wisest and avid readers are considered synonyms.

Reading really is exercising for the mind. When you read, you grow. Read every single thing you get: from newspapers to tweets to novels to magazines to classics, every damn thing. Nothing you read is going to go wasted.

Reading makes your mind dance on it’s toes. This habit makes it think, analyze, fantasize, live, calculate and even create. Various studies have already proven that reading helps increase your creativity and helps you reach heights.

When you read, you see things as the author saw them and you merge it with what you see. Reading is this loving pleasure you get to just relax and exercise your mind at the same time. One of the greatest secrets of the wise people have always been to be best friends with books. They never ever leave your side.

Reading also stimulates your brain which helps creativity to flow. It also improves your concentration which also helps your creative juices to pour.

You gain maturity and a brighter outlook when you start to read. It makes your mind grow in every relationship and task of your life. You become more knowledgeable and better to talk with.

Better buy that book than that hamburger. Better read that biography than watch that documentary. Better talk to the author by his books than chat with people who are not even here. Gadgets are all good, but so is disconnecting them.

What are you waiting for? Grab a book, now!

5. Kill negative emotions

Give no place to negativity in your creative mind.

Feelings such as anger, revenge, anxiety, stress are bad for your health and your mind. When you focus on negative emotions, you cannot focus on creativity. This is because negativity narrows your focus.

Research has shown that positive emotions induce creativity. They broaden the mind and allow ideas to collide. When ideas collide, creativity takes birth. Studies have also shown that intensity of positive emotions also matters. The more deeply one feels optimistic and enthusiastic, more is one apt to be creative.

So, place your negative energy out of the brain. They aren’t doing you any good except frustrating you and waste your time.

Optimism also motivates you to get shit done. When you have no blurry brain covered by dust of anger, hatred or revenge, it is not hard to think clearly. And as you start to let negativity slip out, it is more easier to fill optimism.

The next time you feel negative emotions empowering you, go and do something creative. Focus on transforming that negative energy into work. Aggression sometimes result in getting pending work done. Not only you will get the project done, you will also feel peaceful.

Other things you can try to murder the negativity in your life is meditating. It allows you to have better insights of relationships. It also calms your temper down like no other.

When you let positivity take over you, you will feel a dynamic energy running within you. Optimistic people have the better quality and quantity too of creativity in everyday life.

You become what you think.

6. Take risks

You will not come across one creative person who doesn’t take risks.

A creative person tries different things without any fear. Experiences are valuable. The most important asset you can have for creativity is experience. They enrich you and develop an open mindedness in you.

Taking risks also improves your ability to think more freely and broadly. When you are filled with different kinds of experiences, it is easy to connect completely unrelated things. It also reduces your chances to fail.

The best example is Da Vinci. I don’t need to elaborate on how creative he was. His works are still the most well-known paintings and mysteries. But do you know he was also known as ten men in one. This is because he was a painter, inventor, lute player, sculptor, military engineer, scientific observer, anatomist, architect, town planner as well as a committed designer.

This is not a coincidence that he was such a creative artist.

Taking risks to try different things produces varied experiences. When various experiences are combined, they create something out of the blue. Da Vinci is a well known painter, but it is not the only thing he did. His various jobs combined gave him a better insight at probably everything he did.

So, one of the simplest to say ways is to develop various areas of interest. It would take extra effort as you have to step out of your comfort zone to try out various things.

Explore as much as you can. Become a jack of all trades before you become a master of one. Don’t be afraid to try out new things. They will only widen your mind in the long run.

7. Put yourself in other’s shoes

Being empathetic is one of the basic moral values you should have. But it is also one of the underrated ways to enhance your creativity.

Studies have also shown that empathy can improve innovation, design and collaboration. The ability to step in one’s shoes and experience what they feel is one of the basic factors which link your mind to a more creative approach.

Another’s perspective is important to know various alternatives of experiencing one single thing. It makes your mind open to various different and new approaches of the same problem. In the day to day life, one fails to realize that everybody thinks differently. And this is the thing which separates you from everybody else.

When you develop an empathetic mindset, the whole world opens up to you. Empathetic people don’t find it hard to understand other people. This is because they are able to view things from other person’s outlook. Everybody does something for a reason.

Most well-established websites like Facebook, Twitter and applications like WhatsApp are such a big hit because they are user-friendly. If somebody finds it hard to use, if somebody doesn’t have a good time using it, it will be immediately deleted. That is why the inventors made sure that doesn’t happen.

Majority of inventions were made with the mindset of easing people’s life. When you think from somebody else’s mind, you can easily feel their painful experiences and convert them into something creative.

The next time you engage in a conversation with someone, make sure you step yourself in their shoes. Find out why they did what they did. Gain various opinions on the things you do. Different opinions is a key of new ideas of creating.

Empathy is the thing that makes the world a better place.

What are the other things you feel boost your creativity? Let me know whether these tips work for you.

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