Those people that claim to have fast tracked success to a compressed one month or week or (better yet) one night are bluffing. These are fancy lies that we love to hear. But don’t fall for them.

When you hear success stories, in the moment, you subconsciously fantasize a bunch of ‘sexy crap.’

Yes. You do.

You deem the success as a result of pure talent. And label the person a ‘genius.’ Romantic notions dribble in your head: wow the person became an overnight success and made truckloads of money.

Let me put in straight to you:

If you want to join the A-league and achieve greatness (in any field), you need to work really hard (work your ass-off literally).

So stop fooling yourself.

Okay. I get it. You might already be ahead on the curve. You might have the world class mentors. And you might have the perfect environment for growth. But there no substitution for the grind.

In your first attempt, you will (most probably) not achieve success. Heck you might not even have defined success clearly until then. It will take repeated trials. And you’ll repeatedly fail.

That is the ‘unsexyness’ of success.

Are you ready to take the blows? Will you be willing to keep going even if there is no positive sign? Surviving obstacles without giving up and maintain your composure are the real test of your character.

I want to tell you a life changing truth:

Nobody around you knows what the heck they are upto.

I know. That’s sad, right?

But humans will keep struggling for supremacy and keep evolving.

In the meanwhile, you need not get disheartened by your current state of mind, your intellectual level or your current level of achievements. Savor it. Be at peace with your current abilities and your current bad/good habits.

Once you are in that zone of self-satisfaction, you are ready for dismantling ‘sexy lies’ from your life.

At Unsexy Life, I am going to share insights on unconventional happiness. It’s happiness that isn’t pleasant in the conventional sense. But enjoying the tedious, repetitive, ever-changing growth curve will take you where you want to be without sacrificing your current moment.

I will take help from psychology, science and data from time to time. Because I am told that is a smart way of understanding our life patterns. Am I right?

Hope you have a great stay here.


To shattering conventional wisdom and living in the moment,

Rochi Zalani (Just another average teen)